Join the Village, and become part of a community bringing love and joy to children in Uganda.

What is The Village?

The Village is a passionate group of donors committed to bettering the lives of children in Uganda. When you join The Village, these children gain access to educational, emotional, and spiritual opportunity that they wouldn't otherwise have.

By becoming a member of The Village, amazing things can happen. Your recurring donation allows us to provide higher quality care for the kids at school - better meals, more teachers, more activities, and even services that support them beyond graduation. You can know that you are donating to a community that is helping itself.


From Our Students:

“For me, in Simone’s Kids, if it was not for this school I would not be having the money to go to school. They cost a lot of money. Here we don’t have to pay for school fees, we just get to come and study. We have good teachers that teach us and even we have a counselor and nurses with a sick bay. So that is how Simone’s Kids has helped me and my family so much.”

Nakato Rebecca - P5

“Simone’s Kids has helped me in studies and health. Even this week, I came with my little brother and they gave him medical care, and I thank God that he is better now. I study very well here. We get to come to study and know how we can be hardworking in our futures.”

Senjiyunva Damulu-  P4 

From Our Other Village Members:

“Our family enjoys giving to Simone's Kids because we know the children actually receive the benefits from our giving. We have helped provide scholarships to multiple children over the years and receive written updates consistently. It feels like we are all one big, connected family in Christ!

Lila & Ben Hardy

“Being part of The Village is an honor. Knowing and following your students in Uganda is such a blessing to our family in Georgia. We love supporting Simone's Kids!

Bobbie Bruton

Ready to Feel Your Impact?

When you join The Village, we want to ensure you feel your impact in a very real way. That's why we offer our Village members a set of special bonuses designed to communicate the immense impact that they are making.

The Monthly Impact Minute

Each month, you'll receive a powerful, bite-sized video that tells you exactly what impact has been made in the last month. You'll get to see your impact in (almost) real time.  

You'll receive a letter, school picture, and Christmas card each year from a child at Simone's Kids School - offering you a first-hand glimpse into their everyday lives, and an understanding of how much your donation matters to them and their friends.

Written Updates

Exclusive Merchandise 

When you join The Village, you'll receive a welcome goodie bag and annual exclusive merchandise to promote Simone's Kids. 

Ready to join The Village? Now more than ever, the children of Gods Hope School could use someone like you!

100% Child Promise

100% of funds donated towards the scholarship fund go directly towards program costs.

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