Working for a nonprofit can provide immense job satisfaction and improved mental health, which is what draws so many people to seek out nonprofit jobs. For Christians, working for a faith-based organization (FBO) offers significant spiritual and personal benefits as well. Here are some of the greatest benefits of working in the nonprofit sector in general and for Christian nonprofits in particular.


  • Doing work you are passionate about. For many people, jobs at for-profit companies are just a way to pay the bills—and they can be soul-numbingly boring. At a nonprofit, all the work you do every day supports a mission you genuinely care about, which inspires motivation and pride in even the smallest tasks. Nonprofit work at a Christian FBO provides all this while also allowing you to share your passion for Christ with others.

  • Working with passionate, caring people. Working alongside people who share your love for good causes is also gratifying. Coworkers with shared interests are more likely to like, respect, and care about each other, which can greatly enhance company culture and your employee experience. Nonprofit Christian work can additionally provide a close-knit “spiritual family” and offer opportunities to meet even more people who share your faith.

  • Opportunities to practice and deepen your faith. Rather than having to hide it or feel ostracized by it, you can let your faith shine and flourish when you work at a Christian nonprofit. Because your coworkers will largely share your values, you can comfortably support each other, pray for each other, and offer spiritual insight during challenging times.

  • The satisfaction of making a difference. Many people feel that their for-profit jobs lack meaning because they don’t feel their work has much impact in their company or community. Working with an FBO not only gives you the satisfaction of seeing the fruits of your work every day, but the fulfillment of leading by example as a Christian. You’ll feel that impact every time you provide someone with material goods, services, or ministry.

  • Relaxed dress codes. Although dress codes vary among organizations, secular and Christian nonprofits alike often have more relaxed dress codes than for-profit and corporate companies do. These can range from business casual to modesty-focused to no dress code at all. This lets you be more comfortable and feel more like yourself, and it can even boost morale and productivity as well.

Apply for a Position with a Christian Nonprofit Serving Ugandan Children

An excellent way to find meaningful work with a Christian nonprofit organization is to apply for a position with Simone’s Kids. Simone’s Kids in Nakaseke, Uganda provides education and meets basic needs for children in order to help them break the cycle of poverty. Simone’s Kids currently has multiple job opportunities. You can give hope to our students in Uganda by joining our ministry as a Simone’s Kids employee. 

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