We give our students hope for the future.

Nakaseke, Uganda is a poverty-stricken region. The children born into this community have little hope of escaping the cycle that has plagued their families for generations. We are providing a way out through education and care for basic needs so that these children can hope for more in their futures. Quality education is the key to successfully breaking the cycle of poverty in the Nakaseke community.


Simone’s Kids believes that education is the necessary tool for giving students a chance for a successful future. God’s Hope educational programs serve elementary through secondary schools aged students. Our schools provide a rigorous program of study to prepare students for universities or vocational programs.


Simone’s Kids has implemented a feeding program that ensures proper nutrition for all students. We have also improved access to clean water at the schools which is making a significant impact on the overall health of the students.

Medical Care

Undiagnosed or untreated illnesses should not prevent students from realizing their potential. We have an on-site medical clinic that can test and treat disease and sicknesses.

  • We built a school to help dreams come true.

    Simone’s Kids started with one old broken school building and around fifty students.
    Today, we have solidly constructed buildings that house a primary school, a high school, and a vocational school.
    These schools provide education to over 1,000 students!

You can help our children reach their goal

Your generosity can help provide for the daily needs of our students:

  • School supplies

  • Qualified teachers

  • Books

  • Hot meals

  • Spiritual Guidance

  • Enriching & safe facilities

  • Love

  • Hope for the future

These physical items show Christ’s love and offer hope to every student!

Provide a Scholarship

Provide these children with an education, hot meals, medical care,
and love from all our staff.

See our work in action.