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How Uganda Became an Independent Nation

The modern history of Uganda is a complex one that arose from the desire of powerful European countries to seize African territories as part of their industrial empires. It took many decades for Uganda to attain independence after it was colonized by the United Kingdom. Here’s a brief historical timeline of how the country of […]

The Benefits of Recurring Donations for Donors

If you enjoy supporting good causes, but are looking for a more efficient, streamlined way to do so, consider enrolling in a charitable organization’s monthly donation program. The most common recurring donation amounts are around $52 per month, but you can choose the amount that works best for your budget. The importance of recurring donations […]

The Benefits of Recurring Donations for Nonprofits

You’ve seen the commercials: a large nonprofit showcases all that can be accomplished with even a small monthly donation. Smaller nonprofits send emails, newsletters, and other materials to encourage recurring donations. Here’s how a well-executed nonprofit recurring donation program helps the organizations behind good causes reach their funding goals—and why you should participate. Offers more […]

Easter in Uganda

Making Easter Brighter for Ugandan Children Have you ever wondered how people celebrate Easter in Uganda? You may be surprised to learn that many African Easter traditions are fairly similar to those in the US and Europe. Because Uganda is a predominantly Catholic and Christian nation, Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays. This […]

Benefits of Working for Christian Nonprofit Organizations

Working for a nonprofit can provide immense job satisfaction and improved mental health, which is what draws so many people to seek out nonprofit jobs. For Christians, working for a faith-based organization (FBO) offers significant spiritual and personal benefits as well. Here are some of the greatest benefits of working in the nonprofit sector in […]

Why Fundraisers Are So Vital to Nonprofit Success

If you’ve ever been involved with a school, church, or charitable organization, you’ve definitely seen a variety of fundraisers, from bake sales to dunk tanks. These donation drivers do so much more than raise money for good causes: they bring communities together over a common  need, and they’re fun. Here’s why you should reach for […]

Making a Commitment

Oxford Languages defines a commitment by the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity. We see the synonyms for commitment being adhesion, attachment, faithfulness, steadfastness, dedication. In scripture, God speaks a lot of our commitment to him, so much so it is part of the ten commandments that he gave Moses […]

Family Dynamics in Uganda

Traditional Ugandan Family Structure Family dynamics in Uganda have much in common with those in historical and current households elsewhere in the world. A traditional Uganda family has four major components: the mother, the father, the child, and elderly relatives. Each member has an important role to play in the Uganda family structure.  Fathers. Fathers […]

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Ugandan People

The Ugandan government’s swift and comprehensive response to the COVID-19 pandemic has had a positive impact on slowing the infection rate: the nation has reported some of the lowest death rates and COVID-19 cases in Africa. Nonetheless, the compromised economy—along with inadequate access to high-quality healthcare and education—have had negative impacts on Ugandans. Some systemic […]

The Benefits of Giving to Child Sponsorship Programs

Particularly during the holidays, Americans often see commercials in which charities ask viewers to participate in child sponsorship programs. Most child sponsorship organizations operate in low-income countries, many on the African continent, and audiences may be curious how well such programs work. In fact, the benefits of giving to such programs can be more numerous […]

The Importance of Reading to Children

Since public education in many countries does not begin until age four or later, parents and caregivers are frequently encouraged to support children’s literacy by reading to them before they enter school. Reading aloud benefits children in many significant ways and is critical to their success in school. Here are just a few ways that […]

Why Nutrition Is Important in Ugandan Schools

Studies have identified a close relationship between student nutrition and school performance: students at nutritional risk have worse school attendance, grades, and behavioral conflicts than those who are adequately nourished. Fortunately, problems linked to poor children’s nutrition are reversible, which is why parents and regulatory organizations in wealthy nations are focused on the quality of […]

How to Donate Cryptocurrency

Donating Cryptocurrency As the cryptocurrency market increases in value and popularity, charities and nonprofit organizations are beginning to accept crypto donations. If you’re a current crypto holder who is passionate about nonprofit causes, donating it offers significant tax deductions for you and even more benefits for your favorite organizations. Here are two ways to give […]

Why You Should Donate Cryptocurrency to Charities

New Ways to Give: Many Charities Now Accept Cryptocurrency Donations Cryptocurrency, whose invention in 2009 first brought the world Bitcoin, has largely been on the rise in value and popularity for over a decade. Since then, other forms of the blockchain-based digital currency known as crypto have emerged. The total value of all cryptocurrencies, now […]

How to Make Christmas Brighter for Ugandan Children

How Do They Celebrate Christmas in Uganda? At its core, Christmas in Uganda is much like the holiday in Western countries. It’s celebrated on December 25th, and since Uganda is a predominantly Christian nation, there are special church services on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. People travel to share this joyful occasion with their families; […]