Christmas season always makes me reflect on my favorite things. There is such wonder that comes along with the gift of giving, and I can’t think of anything more magical than a child receiving a gift they didn’t expect. The laughter and joy they effortlessly release cause all those around them to join in. I think if we could package and sell those giggles, we could end all sorts of struggles these children face! I wanted to share with the Simone’s Kids family a few of my favorite things in the Giving Catalog this year:

First, I have to of course say, child sponsorship! I have been sponsoring students with Simone’s Kids almost from the beginning, and I cannot tell you how rewarding it is to meet a child you have provided an education for and see their gratitude with tears in their eyes. The high school students are able to communicate fairly well, and they absolutely believe in our crusade to end poverty in Nakaseke. The delight you read in their letters is truly honest and heartfelt. It only costs $25 per month to sponsor a child.

Katy Davis, Administrative Assistant

My second favorite thing is the fact that we have a vocational school and I can be a part in providing something of my own trade as a hairdresser- a barber chair! A barber chair is $100. Many of you have a trade and may want to take the opportunity to provide a student with a skill that can prepare them for a successful future as well. The vocational school offers mechanics, building, metal fabrication, and tailoring classes as well!

My third favorite items are new uniforms for the students because they often only have one. It may be tattered or torn and sometimes has been passed down from a sibling. The kids take great pride in looking “smart” (a word they use meaning sharp, or good) for school and the uniform for a primary student is only $20! When I visited the school last year, it was so sweet to see a child get a new uniform and watch them march around their class with a renewed sense of purpose on their faces. I know how I feel when I get a new outfit and the gladness it brings my heart to wear something new, so I like to be able to provide that for the students as well!



PPS. Hyperlinks from products go to my amazon affiliate page where I make a tiny percentage of what you purchase to continue my benevolent livelihood;) Thanks for reading my blog. xo
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