Father’s Day is widely celebrated across the United States, and it represents the gratitude that we have for our fathers and father figures. In most cases, fathers take on many roles in a family. Fathers are caretakers, providers, and leaders. While this is a reality for many families in America, it is not a reality in Nakaseke, Uganda. Having a great father is a very rare privilege that few of our students are familiar with. Rather than a supportive father as a caretaker, many students rely on a grandmother, aunt, or single mother. While these women do incredible jobs providing for their families, there are some things that would be easier with a father around. Simone’s Kids has recognized this problem in the community, which is why we want to do something special in honor of fathers on Father’s Day. This year in honor of great fathers everywhere, we are wanting to help some families in the community of Nakaseke with the help of our Simone’s Kids family. There are three options for helping a family. The first option is to repair a bicycle for $10. Bicycles are very common methods of transport in Uganda, and because of the conditions of the dirt roads they often need repairs. The second option is to buy chickens for a family for $25. Chickens are used for getting eggs, as well as raising and selling them. The third option is to repair a roof for a home in the community for $50. A roof leak is both a common problem and a simple one to solve, but because of the lack of funds and resources families fail to fix them. Because a father is known to take on so many roles, we decided that all three of these options would be useful ways to honor the great men in our lives who have been fathers and those who serve as fathers. If you decide to give a gift to a family in Uganda in honor of your father, we will send you a card that you can present to him. We are very excited to see our Simone’s Kids community in the United States come together for the community in Nakaseke. Please consider partnering with us in this special campaign, and happy Father’s Day from our Simone’s Kids staff!

Mason Satterfield

Program Director

Simone’s Kids

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