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If you teach a man to fish

God’s Hope High School is now in its fourth year of operation, and we want to take a minute to recognize one of the major successes of our vocational program. We started the vocational program at God’s Hope High School in 2017 as a way of providing a need for immediate income for older students. […]

He is Risen

Easter weekend is sacred for many reasons. We believe that the resurrection of Jesus Christ should be celebrated and our high school students in Nakaseke did just that. The special weekend began on Thursday with a community outreach project. Over thirty students gave their time to construct a new pit latrine (toilet system structure) for […]

Thirst First

One common New Year’s resolution is to get healthy and drink more water. We are privileged to have clean water on demand, and at our fingertips anytime we want to increase the amount of water we drink. We don’t have to worry about the harmful effects of water, only the positive benefits it will provide […]

Favorite Things: Mason Satterfield

“A Classroom for Christmas” campaign season is always one of my favorite times of the year. The giving catalog that we send out gives donors a chance to get directly involved in making an impact, and I love hearing testimonies from our donors about how they enjoy going through the catalog and picking out how […]

Favorite Things: Katy Davis

Christmas season always makes me reflect on my favorite things. There is such wonder that comes along with the gift of giving, and I can’t think of anything more magical than a child receiving a gift they didn’t expect. The laughter and joy they effortlessly release cause all those around them to join in. I […]

Simone’s Favorite Things

A few of my favorite things… A Classroom for Christmas was born in the beginning years of Simone’s Kids… I love the idea of giving children literally classrooms in their village for Christmas! What an amazing Christmas present education can be. In the first year of the “Classroom for Christmas” campaign, people donated bricks and […]

A Classroom for Christmas Giving Catalog 2018

It is November, which means that the end of the year is just around the corner! During the months of November and December, we focus on our annual end of the year campaign, A Classroom for Christmas. Last year, we were able to raise money for a new medical clinic for our schools (which has already […]

Never Enough: Volunteer Blog Post

As my young, wanna-be-independent self embarked on this ‘once in a lifetime’ trip to Uganda with Simone’s Kids, I had many expectations and fears arouse and somewhat take over my excitement before heading out on this life-altering trip. Of course the physical expectations and fears of going to another country were prominent in my mind […]

The Need: A Board Member Perspective

Read below a testimony from a Simone’s Kids Board Member and their first time experience on the ground in Uganda. Nakaseke, Uganda Trip June 5 – June 19, 2018 It has been a week since my trip to visit The Simone’s Kids properties in Nakaseke, Uganda – God’s Hope Primary School and God’s Hope High […]

Chicken House and Full Bellies

Each year about 66 million primary school-age children attend classes hungry across the developing world. About 23 million of these children go to school in African countries. We are determined to change these statistics for our children. For students in Uganda, eating breakfast in the morning is often a difficult task. Most students wake up […]

How to Help

Here at Simone’s Kids, we would love for our support system to get involved with us. Many people see ‘get involved’ and their first thought is that they have to take a trip to Africa. However, there are so many ways to become a part of our team without even leaving your couch! One of […]

Becoming a Mother: A Mother’s Day Reflection

Since becoming a mother a couple years ago, I have come to appreciate the value of providing for my child a proper education.  I watch my little boy play and interact with others and realize the importance of a solid foundation. The beginning of his childhood can make a huge impact on his future. So […]

One More

Springtime begins the restoration of all things. Flowers are a beautiful example of new life at the end of a cold, hard winter. They display vivid colors, a feeling of joy, and the appreciation of new beginnings. So many of our kids need a new beginning. Many come from torn and destroyed families where they have been abandoned, […]

Sleepy Students: Sleep First

The Sleep First campaign has been going strong for the past 6 weeks, and we are so thankful to all those who have already showed their support by donating to this cause so dear to our hearts. Simone’s Kids is passionate about providing quality education within a Christ-centered environment to each of our students, in […]

Sleep First

There is nothing more comfortable after a long day of hard work or a tough day at school than to come home to your own warm bed. A good night’s sleep can become the perfect remedy to the most trying and frustrating of days. But what if you didn’t have a nice warm bed to […]