Easter weekend is sacred for many reasons. We believe that the resurrection of Jesus Christ should be celebrated and our high school students in Nakaseke did just that.

The special weekend began on Thursday with a community outreach project. Over thirty students gave their time to construct a new pit latrine (toilet system structure) for an elderly woman in the community who was financially and physically unable to do so. They carried bricks, mixed cement, cleared the inside and outside of the lady’s home, and some of our vocational students even helped with the foundation and bricklaying.

While some were building, other students participated in a door-to-door ministry share the good news of Jesus Christ and spread His love from home to home. The students then put on a crusade in the middle of the town. We enjoyed several hours of praising, worshipping, preaching, and praying for all of Nakeseke in the service which was open for all to attend.

One very memorable part of the outreach was when a 94-year-old woman testified from the stage. She shared about how good the Lord has been in her life and the importance of relying on Him. She even led a praise song!

The same schedule went on for three more days, ending on Easter evening with a celebration of the Risen King. The pit latrine was finished, and lives were saved. It was a beautiful weekend of ministering together on behalf of Simone’s Kids and God’s Hope High School. We are proud of our students who so cheerfully and eagerly sacrificed their Easter weekend to magnify our Lord and Savior, serving in their communities to make Easter extra special.

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