Uganda’s population growth rate currently exceeds the number of job openings, and even college graduates face stiff labor market competition. However, as private firms begin to invest in labor industries, they also expand the formal job market for young Ugandans who graduate from secondary school and college. Here are the sectors expected to grow the fastest and offer the best job opportunities in Uganda if this trend continues:

  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT). The Ugandan ICT market includes technology around cell phone, internet, computer, and social media usage as well as broadcasting services. Uganda’s ICT market is growing by more than 25% annually, and job candidates will need education in website and software development and other IT skills to succeed in this field.
  • Tourism. Tourism has become an increasingly important industry for Uganda in the last decade. The documented need for improvements in local transport and visitor information indicates that Ugandans who can speak multiple languages and are knowledgeable in history and geography may be able to capitalize on it.
  • Agro-Processing. Agro-processing transforms agricultural, fishery, and forestry resources into usable food and industrial products. Jobs in this industry don’t necessarily require high skill levels, but do offer better pay than agriculture jobs. Ugandans with engineering and technology training can increase agro-processing revenue by reducing waste, improving productivity, and diversifying product uses. 
  • Horticulture. Uganda has an excellent climate for growing flowers and produce, and horticulture is an important means for small-scale farmers to escape poverty. Floriculture is the fastest-growing subsector. Although many floriculture workers are unskilled, there are increasing medium-skill job opportunities for Ugandans with training in biology and cultivation management.

Young Ugandans who want to avoid unemployment and underemployment as adults will need to complete secondary and post-secondary education. Yet many children—especially girls—face significant barriers to a high-quality education in Uganda. Female graduates stand to gain not only safer and better jobs, but more personal and cultural empowerment as well.

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