This is Gerald Masereka. He likes to go by his nickname, Junior. Junior is the youngest of 3 boys, and all of them attend our high school. When Junior and his brothers were growing up, they had an abusive, alcoholic father who was also a police officer. The justice system is, unfortunately, very unjust in rural parts of Uganda; the police offers can often do whatever they want to and get away with it. That being said, Junior and his brothers endured a very rough, abusive childhood, and their mother was nowhere to be found. Their father was eventually discharged and sent away, but he left the boys behind to live on their own.

The oldest brother is now 17, and they have been surviving on their own for a couple of years, with limited help and communication from the father. If anyone was to meet Junior, it would be impossible to tell what he has come from. He is the number one student in his class and is a very happy kid. He just started high school this year, where he is thriving in the academics at God’s Hope High School. School is an outlet for Junior, because he just feels like a student, and he can escape from the obstacles that he faces on a daily basis.

Junior and his brothers currently live in a single room in the town of Nakaseke very close to the school. The director at God’s Hope knows the needs of these boys and helps to make sure they are taken care of. They get fed at school and have school supplies given to them. They don’t have to pay or work for this meal or these supplies; they just get to benefit from them. This care would not be possible without Simone’s Kids and the support that we gain from our sponsors. Gerald is Just One More student whose life has been drastically changed by your support.

Thank you for believing in us and for changing the lives of our students on a daily basis. By simply sponsoring a child or donating to one of our programs, you are helping these children feel loved. On paper, students like Junior do not stand a chance in this world. But here at Simone’s Kids, we refuse to leave Junior on his own. We are giving students like Junior hope for the future through providing a free education and letting them know that there are people who care about them and who want to see them succeed.

To sponsor one of our students, please visit our Child Sponsorship Page.

Mason Satterfield
Director of Programs

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