Springtime begins the restoration of all things. Flowers are a beautiful example of new life at the end of a cold, hard winter. They display vivid colors, a feeling of joy, and the appreciation of new beginnings. So many of our kids need a new beginning. Many come from torn and destroyed families where they have been abandoned, rejected, and become outcasts in society. Just like flowers and gardens, our kids need caretakers; people to watch over and care for them. With the proper tools, such as a loving caregiver, a child can truly blossom.

We have missionaries and school directors on the ground providing our kidswith daily counseling and instruction. They also make sure all of the operational tasks at Simone’s Kids are running smoothly and ensure our funds are being used properly.

BUT currently we have 88 kids in our program that do not have sponsors! We must get them covered with a sponsorship before we can help more children. During the month of May we will be sharing on social media all of the 88 children who are currently waiting for a sponsor. We know that many of our supporters are already sponsors, so we are asking you to share the stories of the waiting kids. Reach out to friends and family members that have been waiting on a good organization to support.

Here are some amazing things you can tell your friends and family about the Simone’s Kids Child Sponsorship Program:

  • 100% of the Child Sponsorship funds go to the kids
  • The children are provided with an education, food, and housing
  • The monthly support provides school supplies, teachers, books, food, counseling staff, shoes, mattresses, hygiene products, safe classrooms, bathroom facilities, and more to the kids!
  • You are able to watch your child grow by receiving an updated photo every summer.
  • You are able to communicate with your child on a monthly basis.
  • You can give your child a special gift at any time, and our Child Sponsorship Coordinator that is in Uganda working full-time will purchase the gift on your behalf and give it to the child. You will then receive a photo in return of your child receiving the gift!

Send your family and friends to the link below to sponsor a child today and make an impact of a lifetime!


PPS. Hyperlinks from products go to my amazon affiliate page where I make a tiny percentage of what you purchase to continue my benevolent livelihood;) Thanks for reading my blog. xo
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