As some of you may know, we recently built a library for God’s Hope Primary School. Below you will find the full story from the point of view of the sponsors. The blog is written by Don and Sandy Detar, who wanted to build the library in honor of their late son.

We first heard about Simone’s Kids two years ago when Mason Satterfield made a presentation to our church about his upcoming inaugural trip to Uganda. Since that time, much has happened.

A month after Mason’s presentation, we lost our 38-year-old son, David, to tragic circumstances. As we worked our way through the grieving process, we looked for a way to commemorate David’s life and turn our loss into something positive. We asked Mason if Simone’s Kids had a need that would suit our purpose. There were several needs he mentioned, but the need for a library was what appealed to us. David was an avid reader all of his life and had been on a number of mission trips where he saw firsthand the struggles of poor children. He saw the lack of the most basic advantages we in America take for granted, including access to books.

After discussing the plans for the library with Simone Puccinelli( Founder of Simone’s Kids) and Mason, we decided to help make the David Detar Memorial Library a reality. In addition to our personal donation, we committed to raising an additional amount to go towards the furnishing of the library. In October 2014, we sent a letter to a number of family members, friends, and colleagues. The response was far beyond our expectations.

It was at that point that we knew we were doing the right thing and that God’s blessing was upon it.

Groundbreaking took place in January of this year with completion expected in June. On May 29, my wife, Sandy, our grandson Colin Scott, and myself left for Uganda to see and dedicate the library. Our first sighting of the library was an emotional experience, as was the dedication service that took place two weeks later just prior to our return to the U.S. In between, we experienced the impact that Simone’s Kids is having on the children of Uganda and how the new library would enhance that impact not only for the children but also for the entire community.

If you have been looking for a way to honor someone special to you or to memorialize a lost loved one, I would highly recommend you consider partnering with Simone’s Kids. They have recently purchased a secondary school that will allow them to provide a quality K-12 Christian education to these very deserving children. There is much renovation needed to bring the secondary school up to standard.

During our recent trip to Uganda, we met and spent time with the two children we sponsor. It was heartwarming to see how much our help was appreciated and the impact it is making on these young people’s lives. If you are not supporting a child, you should consider doing so. For a small amount each month, you can make a lasting impact on a child’s life.

Don and Sandy Detar

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