Grief, Delight and Joy…. as I look back on 2020,

I have all these emotions. I also look to the future of Simone’s Kids and what 2021 will bring.

 I grieve for our children because they lost and are still losing the chance to attend school. They are at a pinnacle age when the foundations of traditional education are so important. Education is the core service that we provide our children and everything else branches from that starting point.  Under the umbrella of our schools, we are able to provide meals, counseling, medical care, ministry, and vocational training. I am continually praying and hope that you will pray with me, that the government will re-open schools soon, not just for our children but the whole country of Uganda.

I delight because I saw how our staff has been able to quickly and efficiently adapt to the enormous changes that are necessary to serve our children and families during the pandemic. We switched- almost immediately- to delivering food to the children in their own homes.  We also worked to get our clinic approved to be open. I see that even without schools being open, we still were able to minister while providing a needed service to the children and community of Nakaseke during this extremely difficult time.

I rejoice because even in troubled times God is doing His Kingdom work. We are still seeing people come to know the Lord. We are still seeing our faithful supporters trust the Lord with their finances (or His if you think about it in that way). Financially, we’ve had a record breaking year and are looking toward the big vision that God laid on my heart. We are praying (and hope you will join us) for success in purchasing land across the street from our current property.

In 2021 we are planning to finish up several projects at the current campus listed on the next page. We are laying down pavers and sidewalks, updating/expanding the boys’ dorm, building a primary main hall for testing, purchasing a school van, constructing three new classrooms for the vocational program, re-roofing a very old classroom, and purchasing 42 acres for our BIG VISION + BIG IMPACT campaign launch. 

In our BIG VISION + BIG IMPACT campaign we plan to establish an entire vocational school campus and a new high school campus. We will then be able to double the number of students we can enroll and serve in our primary school!  This project has an estimated cost of $3.2 million, but we know and stand on our belief that when God provides a vision He also provides provision.

Simone’s Kids has also been blessed to hire two new full-time volunteers, Steve and Sharon Burke. The Burkes will be moving to Uganda in February and will add tremendous experience and expertise to our programs. We look forward with great hope and expectation as we grow physically (building), internally (staff/children) and financially.

I pray that you will continue this journey of serving others in 2021. One day, when we get to heaven, won’t it be amazing to see all the lives that the Lord allowed us to touch through our giving?

Simone Puccinelli

Founder + President

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