Each year about 66 million primary school-age children attend classes hungry across the developing world. About 23 million of these children go to school in African countries. We are determined to change these statistics for our children. For students in Uganda, eating breakfast in the morning is often a difficult task. Most students wake up at 5am and walk an hour or more to reach school in time. Many families struggle to provide food at all and see breakfast as a luxury for those who can afford it. This means there are hundreds of children sitting in class at God’s Hope schools with grumbling bellies as they strive to pay attention to their teachers. Providing breakfast for our students at school can change this. Currently, we serve our youngest students porridge and bread most mornings, adding bananas, eggs, or pastries on certain days. Our vision is to be able to provide breakfast for all of our students every day.

How can we do this you ask? Buy building a chicken house! Presently, our school farm contains a few cows for milk and a lot of empty land. Our hope is to use some of this space to build a chicken house for 400 egg laying chickens. This would enable us to give an egg not only to our nursery section, but to all of our students each morning. A huge step towards improving the nutrition of our students! Adding an egg to our students’ mornings may seem small, but it’s a big step towards providing our students with nutritious diets. Adequate nutrition is vital, especially in early childhood, to ensure healthy growth, a strong immune system, and proper cognitive development. As we continue making improvements to our students’ nutrition, we can see increased focus in class, better performance, and decrease in illnesses. Not to mention, nothing beats the smile of a child with a full belly.

Of course we cannot accomplish this task alone. We need your help! We need about $10,000 in order to complete this project. Will you consider giving towards our chicken house and changing the statistics of hungry children around the world today? You can give at https://simoneskids.givingfuel.com/special. Don’t forget to add an additional note requesting your money to be used towards the chicken house!

Or you can give through our Facebook fundraiser at https://www.facebook.com/donat…

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