Here at Simone’s Kids, we would love for our support system to get involved with us. Many people see ‘get involved’ and their first thought is that they have to take a trip to Africa. However, there are so many ways to become a part of our team without even leaving your couch!

One of the easiest ways to get involved and really make a difference is to start your own fundraising page.   An extremely popular outlet to do this is on Facebook, where people happen to love celebrating a special day in everyone’s life known as a birthday!  Your birthday is a perfect opportunity to do a fundraiser for Simone’s Kids.  You can decide if there is a special project at our school that you would like to raise money for, then start your fundraiser and share with your friends.  It’s as simple as that.  To be honest, I have not seen a fundraiser (for any cause or organization) that was unable to raise money.  Even if you raise $10, that is $10 more than we had before that can be used at God’s Hope Schools in Uganda.  Never think that you can’t do enough, because you can absolutely play a big part in helping out our students.

Another method of getting involved is to come to our office in Cartersville, Georgia, and help out our administrative assistant on several day-to-day tasks that need to be done.  There are multiple times in the year when we send out child sponsorship packets, mail outs, invitations, and gifts to our sponsors. By coming and sacrificing your time, it is valued just as much as a financial contribution would be.  You can come and learn more about the work that Simone’s Kids does, you can see some of the faces behind the organization, and you can leave knowing that you have made a difference in the lives of our students in Uganda by giving your time.

We would love to see our sponsors and supporters become more involved.  If you feel like you could help us in any way, we would love for you to reach out and let us know.  You can email to come and volunteer in the office, and you could also email me at to get a look at some urgent needs in Uganda if you are interested in starting your own fundraiser! We appreciate each and every person who believes in the vision of Simone’s Kids and we love having  people get involved in the process. Email us today to see where you can help!

Mason Satterfield , Program Director

Simone’s Kids

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