Oxford Languages defines a commitment by the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity. We see the synonyms for commitment being adhesion, attachment, faithfulness, steadfastness, dedication. In scripture, God speaks a lot of our commitment to him, so much so it is part of the ten commandments that he gave Moses and the Israelites. The commandment is to have no idols, no false gods, no one before God himself.

We have so many kings and false gods in our society today—that are completely hidden. We place a great importance on material items, social status, our image, comfort, food, relationships and even our families can become idols of importance. An idol can be anything that you place the importance of over God. 

One way we can look at our commitments is to see what has our most attention, our most concern and worry. Are we placing our attention on Christ or on our personal success in our job? Are we focused on what God is doing through us or on how we can make our lives the most comfortable? Are we focused on serving others or getting our “me time”?

A commitment is a serious machine that will drive our lives in a specific direction. What direction are your commitments driving you towards?

Do you have commitments to give? One-time gifts are a great way to support a ministry, like Simone’s Kids, that help support many one-time needs. A commitment to join a recurring giving program, like The Village, allows you to say to yourself and the organization, this is something that I don’t want to do just one time, but something I believe in and a direction I want my life to go towards. I want to be a giver into the kingdom of God, not just today—but for the next month and the next month and the next! A commitment to Simone’s Kids, allows us to plan for recurring costs, like those little hungry bellies that want three meals a day—EVERY DAY—can you believe that?!

In March, we have a goal to find 30 new Village members. If you are a current member, could you take this opportunity to share your experience with someone else? If you are not a current member, you can join for as low as $25 per month and you can know that you have committed yourself to a good path – a good ministry. 

Join The Village

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