If you’ve ever been involved with a school, church, or charitable organization, you’ve definitely seen a variety of fundraisers, from bake sales to dunk tanks. These donation drivers do so much more than raise money for good causes: they bring communities together over a common  need, and they’re fun. Here’s why you should reach for your wallet, checkbook or cryptocurrency account the next time there’s a fundraiser near you.

  • Nonprofits rely on donations and fundraising as an essential part of their funding. Nonprofits rely on a mixture of funding sources, many of which are labor-intensive to acquire. These typically include grants, fees for goods and services, corporate contributions, bequests, loans, and memberships dues and fees. However, no nonprofit can survive without fundraising. When you give to a cause-driven organization, you are helping them operate and grow in real and necessary ways.
  • Fundraising raises awareness for worthwhile local causes. Nonprofit missions are always aligned with a significant need in their communities. When they fundraise, they alert community members and the wider world to important problems they might not otherwise be aware of. Anyone who wants a community to thrive—whether it’s close to home or in another country—can learn a lot about how to make this happen from a well-publicized fundraiser.
  • Fundraising helps nonprofits connect with current and future donors. Many people, wealthy and otherwise, are strongly inclined to give to communities they care about in specific ways, and fundraisers connect them with ways to serve their most-beloved causes. Building and maintaining these relationships can help nonprofits protect and grow an important source of revenue, but they also help community members feel connected and valued.

Because Americans live in a wealthy nation with a strong currency, US donations can be especially impactful for nonprofits serving communities in low-income countries. This is particularly the case in Sub-Saharan African countries, where people are in need of not only essential goods for daily survival, but also tools to help their communities prosper in the future.

You Can Help Fund Nonprofits that Support Ugandan Children

An excellent way to maximize the impact of your contribution to nonprofit funding is to support Ugandan schools, which provide children with the tools they need to build a more promising future. Simone’s Kids in Nakaseke, Uganda provides education and meets basic needs for children in order to help them break the cycle of poverty.

You have the opportunity to join our monthly giving program, The Village. For $25 a month you can be a part of an amazing community that continuously gives to the mission of Simone’s Kids. The Village ensures our students receive high quality resources through education, healthcare, and the gospel.

Check our website and social media for upcoming events and fundraisers. You can even start your own fundraiser as part of a social event or important occasion. 

You can also make a difference by shopping at the Simone’s Kids Store or donating to Simone’s Kids. Your gifts help purchase school supplies, textbooks, food, and other necessities for Ugandan students. Consider doubling your contribution by asking if your employer participates in a donation match. Give today!

PPS. Hyperlinks from products go to my amazon affiliate page where I make a tiny percentage of what you purchase to continue my benevolent livelihood;) Thanks for reading my blog. xo
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