How Do They Celebrate Christmas in Uganda?

At its core, Christmas in Uganda is much like the holiday in Western countries. It’s celebrated on December 25th, and since Uganda is a predominantly Christian nation, there are special church services on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. People travel to share this joyful occasion with their families; carols are sung, and food is a major part of the festivities.

Ugandan Christmas traditions are far less commercialized than they are in the West, however. Rather than being focused on gift giving, Christmas (called Sekukkulu in Uganda) is centered on spending time with family, wearing new and festive clothes, eating, playing music and games, telling stories, and dancing. People wish each other well with the phrase “Sekukkulu ennugi.” In short, Ugandans celebrate Christmas by creating happy memories with loved ones rather than worrying about holiday sales or shopping for gifts.

Donate to a Ugandan Charity This Christmas

If you’re interested in making Christmas donations, giving to Ugandan charities is an excellent choice. Uganda currently faces crises related to poverty and overpopulation, including environmental degradation, food insecurity, heightened vulnerability to climate change, and low educational success rates, among many others.

The small country also struggles with a general lack of electricity as well as the prevalence of HIV/AIDS, malaria, forms of hepatitis, rabies, typhoid fever, dengue fever, and other diseases. If you donate for Christmas, you can help to alleviate some of these problems and make Sekukkulu brighter for Ugandans. 

The Gift of Education for Ugandan Children Lasts a Lifetime

One way to maximize the impact of your gift is to support Uganda schools, which provide children with the tools they need to build a more promising future. Simone’s Kids in Nakaseke, Uganda provides education and meets basic needs for children in order to help them break the cycle of poverty. Your donations help purchase school supplies, textbooks, food, and other necessities for Ugandan students.

It’s time for our annual Classroom for Christmas drive! Join us in giving back this holiday season with gifts that provide hope to our students in Uganda. Make a difference by shopping at the Simone’s Kids Store or donating to Simone’s Kids today!

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