Health Care Systems in Africa

Global health authorities have long agreed that African healthcare systems are in need of significant reform. Although reasonably high-quality care is available in some major cities to those who can afford it, national health programs are gravely underfunded. There is a general lack of utilities infrastructure for providing things like clean water and electricity, and qualified health care workers are scarce. Few African countries offer medical insurance, and in those that do, only a fraction of the population have access to coverage. 

The need for high-quality healthcare in Africa is especially dire given the prevalence of diseases like HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, typhoid fever, rabies, malaria, dengue fever, and other deadly maladies. Systemic reform and comprehensive educational programs are needed to improve healthcare throughout Africa. Nowhere are these more needed than in poor Sub-Saharan countries like Uganda.

Healthcare in Uganda

In Uganda, which has a high poverty rate, healthcare is largely privatized. Patients and their families pay for care out of pocket, which pushes many into financial straits. Other Ugandan healthcare issues include the unregulated nature of medical care and the fact that about 80% of Ugandans live in rural areas, where preventive medicine is largely inaccessible. All of these factors and more contribute to widely inadequate Ugandan healthcare quality.

How to Support School-Based Health Care for Ugandan Children

One way to mitigate the problem at its root is to provide basic health care needs for African children in the schools they attend. By offering health care in places that Ugandan children and families already frequent, it is made far more accessible to all communities. In 2012, USAID and its partners launched the Uganda School Health and Reading Program (SHRP). In addition to supporting literacy, the initiative works with Ugandan schools to maintain an HIV/AIDS prevention curriculum. 

However, more comprehensive educational and care support is needed to meet students’ basic health care needs and teach them about disease prevention. One powerful way to accomplish this is to make donations to Ugandan charities and schools as well as those elsewhere in Africa. A high-quality education coupled with essential wellness care equips each student with the tools necessary for improving their own quality of life and that of their communities.

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